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Common Credit Card Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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Credit cards are a useful financial tool that are beneficial in many scenarios. Credit cards are reliable during an emergency but can also help you build credit, finance a big purchase and earn rewards! However, credit card misuse can damage your credit score and lead to debt pile-up. That’s why it’s important to learn about […]

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How to Protect Your Identity & Avoid Scams Online

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What are Online Scams? Online scams can take a variety of forms and are constantly evolving alongside technology. But, the term itself refers to someone who uses online or social media platforms to take advantage of and steal a person’s identity. The scammer usually does this to seek financial gain. For example, a cybercriminal could […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Open a Savings Account Today

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Reason 1: Added Security for Your Extra Cash While you absolutely can put all your extra money under the mattress, it’s not very practical or secure. Putting your extra money in a Savings Account at Porter Bank gives you added security. Not only does putting your money in a savings account prevent accidental loss, like […]

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Start Budgeting Today

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As you begin your budgeting journey, take advantage of other financial tools from Porter Bank. Certificates of Deposit are a great way to gain more interest on your savings, and our Keep the Change program rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar to add extra change to your savings account. We make saving and […]

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7 Simple Steps to Create & Stick to a Budget

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Determine Your Income: Calculate the total money you earn each month. Include all sources of income, such as your salary and side gig earnings. Remember that how much money you take home is different (and lower) after taxes, too. So, it’s best to consider your actual take-home amount. Identify Your Expenses: List all your expenses, […]

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